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Yorozuya by Emetle
"Then and now, what I protect has never changed. "

YAAAAAAAAAAAA Second night of not doing anything. I really have to study HAHA. 

But honestly I love these guys!! 

Gintoki's hair is really hard to draw haha

Gintama belongs to Hideaki Sorachi. I own nothing.
Don't be a stranger. by Emetle
Don't be a stranger.
Cry when you feel like crying.
Laugh when you feel like laughing.
That's how it should be.

Went back to rewatch the part where Gintoki fought Jiraia, really love it when Gintoki steps up to save the day.

Gintama by Hideaki Sorachi

I own nothing.
Creator...Please. Save Him. by Emetle
Creator...Please. Save Him.
Finished the gameplay of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter after so long. I have to say, this sequel felt a lot shorter, but just like the first one, IT WRECKED MY HEART. WRECKED IT I TELL YOU.


The ending felt so dark, but I'm thankful it wasn't the other ending or that would have been a major letdown.

Here's a sketch of my heart breaking.
Sorry for the art, i really have no understanding of the human anatomy and can't seem to ever draw two people without them having different styles, so it just looks like it was an art dump.

How does this game not have much of a fandom going on!?!?!
Loved the series 8'C

Characters from Drawn to Life (By order) : Jowee, Mari, Mike, Heather
belongs to 5th Cell.
Thank you for the great series.
Why can someone behave so differently to different people? Is it because of the benefits one gets?
I don't understand, being nice to someone who you totally hate. And even badmouth them when they turn away.What does that make you? Being nice to such a jerk and in that flirtatious tone, it disgusts me. What benefits could you really gain? Being someone who you really aren't just for those benefits. What does that make you? A two-faced person? I don't want to believe it, but once again, i see your true colours from all this. Yes, yes i'm a coward. i put it up here to not let you be able to see this, but ugh, i can't stand it.Sure, occasionally, i tend to gossip about people too, but i don't hate them. I just get fed up sometimes. And when i do get fed up, i don't continue putting it up in front of them. Sorry for the rant . Just let me treat this as a blog post :iconheadacheplz:



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